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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Complete weekday morning routineWake up at 7amMake the bedShowerMake breakfastBrush teethApply oral antibiotics washLeave by 7:45am
Do one French lesson a day (Duolingo)
Do 5x Sets of Kettle Bell (8kg) Exercises
Check mom's Fido account - data usage
Finalize workout routineLook through Men's Health bookletLook through kettlebell exercisesDecide the routine
Swim for 20 minutes at Tait Mackenzie
Complete night routinesFlossBrush teethApply oral antibiotics washExfoliateCheck CPAP water levelCheck tomorrow's schedulePlan tomorrow's work
Varnish ImplementationYork > Traffic ResistanceRead Varnish documentation for possibilitiesTest Varnish on Linode + DrupalTest Varnish on QA
AMP ImplementationYork > Traffic ResistanceRead AMP documentationTest AMP + Drupal implementation on QA
Migrate FS content to DSYork > Document ServerMigrate FS content to DSInstall LCS module for DS
Establish 360 Photo GalleryYork > 360 PhotographyInvestigate Hotspot + VR-ViewBuild node create/edit fields into DSIntegrate Hotspot capabilities into DSInput York organization division (Target for 360)Categorize panoramas into organization divisionIntegrate scene set supportIntegrate embed support
Build Content ServerYork > Content ServerBuild relationship tableBuild CKEditor plugin (cs_import)Build hook_insert, hook_save, hook_deleteBuild recursively updating function
Complete Version 0.1Petra > Editor PresentationInvestigate LCS algorithm to see what is causing the scatternessFix LCS algorithm so that it is less clutteredInvestigate the video stream inclusionImplement the video stream inclusionImplement the message archive processImplement the message relay processTest if iPhone/iPad can be used as an accessory webcamInvestigate highlighting issueImplement highlighting feature
Build Front PageSpititiMake the hero presentation portionSet up links to demo
Stripe IntegrationSpititiDownload + Install SDK
Build TV displaySpititiAdmin UI - build options/filters for a displayBuild TV templateAdmin UI - build in support for multiple displayFix secure menu access callback
Build property cardsSpititiIntegrate "Listing by"Translation - Integrate Server SupportTranslation - fix bugsBug fix - "House" searches for "Townhouse"Find Mortgage Calculator (BitBucket)Implement Mortgage Calculator
Build MicrositeSpititiIntegrate Property CardsRemake property search settings